Feminism and Gender Politics: My Thoughts

Here’s a summary of what I make of this image and accompanying tweet:

  1. How are you defining “successes” here? Why is it only limited to how well a man or a woman does at work / in business? I think there is tremendous success and pride to experienced in raising and nurturing children as well. It’s a privilege to be a child-bearer.

  2. I doubt there are too many women who truly find “success” through success at the workplace who necessarily devote a substantially greater amount of time to household chores (cooking, laundry, ironing, etc.) than their male counterparts do. These tasks are typically outsourced so that they can focus on workplace success.

  3. There are reasons, governed by Biology, as to why women gravitate towards certain kinds of roles and men towards others. Thus, the working women who still choose to devote a respectable chunk of their time to the aforementioned household tasks might not be doing so out of compulsion but out of a genuine want or willingness to do so. The price that they pay to fulfil this want is, all else being held constant, earning a lower pay compared to their male counterparts. However, this is a price that a lot of them are willing to pay. In fact, for a lot of them, raising children and partaking in household chores is more meaningful than the drudgery of work life.

    1. So many women, especially lawyers and investment bankers, who work around the clock throughout their twenties and early thirties, rise to Partner at their respective law firms and investment banks, but still choose to quit their lucrative position. Their million dollar annual paycheck is not what provides them with meaning in their lives; it’s the prospect of being in a relationship, having children and raising them, spending time with family and friends that do.

    2. There is no shame in being a housewife if that’s more captivating than being a work professional. Why limit “success” to being tantamount to success at the workplace? The disingenuous women take advantage of this prevailing capitalist definition of success by arguing that it’s the compulsion of having to do these household chores that their husbands neglect that is the reason for their lower workplace “success”. Looked at it slightly differently, the working women who are as successful at the workplace as their male counterparts and who do not necessarily partake in household chores, glorify and sensationalize the efforts that their workplace success entailed by falsely claiming that their success comes despite the substantial time that they had to devote to household tasks.

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