8-Minute Fat-Burning Tabata Protocol

I follow the below set of exercises as part of my 8-minute Tabata protocol. These exercises lend themselves well to the goal of the Tabata workout, which is to maintain as high an intensity as is possible.

You can choose other exercises as well. If you decide to do so, my only suggestion would be that you pick exercises that push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to hit the ground running i.e. to the extent possible, avoid picking exercises that take a few seconds to build momentum before you really get going.

Each of the exercises is performed for 20 seconds. You take 10 seconds of rest between two exercises. Cycling through each of the 8 exercises makes up a 4-minute round. Complete 2 back-to-back such rounds to complete the 8-minute protocol.

There are various Tabata timer apps that you can pick from. I personally use the “Seconds” app on my iPhone.

1) Jump Lunges
2) Mountain Climbers
3) Push-ups
4) Crunches (knees also move up to touch elbows)
5) Jump Squats
6) Spider Planks
7) Burpees
8) Crunches (knees also move up to touch elbows)

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