Quitting Alcohol Until Marriage

In the recent past, I’ve been consumed by ambivalent feelings about alcohol and my relationship with this potent, psychoactive beast. These feelings have seized me with almost the same fervour as the spirit of this drug, when inside of me, holds me captive. After a fair bit of back and forth within the theatre of... Continue Reading →

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Feminism and Gender Politics: My Thoughts

Here's a summary of what I make of this image and accompanying tweet: How are you defining “successes” here? Why is it only limited to how well a man or a woman does at work / in business? I think there is tremendous success and pride to experienced in raising and nurturing children as well.... Continue Reading →

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A Deep Dive Into The Mind of José Mourinho to Explain His “Classless” Act Against Juventus

"Just like the modern feminist movement confuses men’s desire for achievement and competence with the patriarchal desire for tyrannical power, and just like Socialism is often driven more by hatred for the rich than by compassion for the poor, the volume of achievements that Mourinho and Manchester United have enjoyed over the years empowers the Football world to attempt to bring both these forces down."

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